Monday, March 27, 2006

What to blog about??

OK, blogstalker -- I'll try harder to update more often ...

Let's see ... last week was crazy busy, as always. I had a stupid test, an even more exciting lab that I taught (more on that later) and I am swamped with work, but looking forward to the end of the semester!

Highlights of last week included a very exciting research talk by my favorite RyGuy. Who doesn't love hearing about glial aromatase?? Below is a picture of Ry with my favorite blogstalker.

The weekend was mainly full of work -- hours spent not understanding statistics and speciation. Fun fun. Don't be jealous.

As a distraction from the work, I did hang out with DancingFish. We went to Target and I spent way too much money but I got super cute shoes, sheets on clearance, and (the best) cool green fish socks!!! DancingFish and I were sock buddies today!!! We also had dinner with V, drink the MOST amazing margaritas, and did some knitting!

It was a nice break from all the work I should have been doing! Presentation in 2 days ... maybe I'll post some graphs for you who are really interested in what fish do when I move their babies!

Hope you're all well!!

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hamster_grrl said...

Aw! I took that picture of RyGuy and your blogstalker! That was the day we put CDs in the microwave to watch them get all sparky! It was good times.

I miss everyone! Thanks so much for putting up the pics of your hijinks, it makes me look forward to much adventures when I return!

I love exclamation points today! They're fun! Woo hoo!!!