Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One lager, hold the BACON

Did you ever have one of those days?

I woke up this morning and was confused, because I could not remember even going to bed last night. Which I obviously must have. And I haven't had a drink in days.

I got to school nice and early and spent some time doing work. I am tired. Went to class for a few hours. Was informed in my second class (taught by my advisor) that I would not be doing my research presentation tomorrow. Great. Good thing I have been working on it like crazy. Obviously I realize this is a good thing ... it will be a better presentation now ... but he could have told me more than a day in advance!

After some more work, as I am finally headed to lunch with DancingFish, my advisor tells me he needs to speak with me. Which can never be good. But I put it off until after lunch. Because, I justify, lunch will make it all better.

I order a grilled cheese and DancingFish and I talk about some work. My grilled cheese arrives. And it has BACON on it. You may not know, but I DO NOT EAT BACON. I don't eat mammals at all, but BACON is the meat at the top of the list that I will NOT ever eat. Foods I will NEVER eat. I would rather starve to death.
Who the heck puts BACON on a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWHICH!!!????!!!!

Luckily, DancingFish is the nicest friend and let me eat her veggieburger. She is my favorite.

I had another sad meeting with my advisor where I questioned my ability as a graduate student. And an afternoon of stats fun with Marty and work.

Things started to brighten up after I talked with Ry and then had a lab meeting. At the bar. Bar lab meeting are the best idea my advisor ever had. And I promise to continue that when I am a professor. The lab meeting also helped me realize that I am an OK graduate student.

Lessons of the day:
1) Never try to plan life -- my advisor will do it for me.
2) Sometimes my advisor says the wrong thing. Sometimes he says the right thing.

3) All meetings should be held at bars.
4) Always (yes ALWAYS) ask for no BACON when ordering any food.

I'll have a lager, no BACON please.


Luke said...

dude, i don't eat bacon either...but i think i'd like it on a grilled cheese

DancingFish said...

mmmm, Bacon good. Or at least alright in moderation. Watch out for Lager Light though- I've heard it smells of bacon. Really.

I love your lessons of the day!

hamster_grrl said...

Yes, Lager Light smells and tastes of bacon. Sometimes Lager has a bacon-y tinge once it starts it starts getting dodgy. But, so far I am the only one I know that feels that way.

Back in my day they asked you if you wanted bacon on your grilled cheese rather than assuming that you wanted it, and they never put THAT much bacon on.


amandamonkey said...

I love bacon on my grilled cheese - yummy!

Kathryn said...

Never order quesdillas at Applebee's- Guess what's in it! (And if you go to the trashy one near SJU and return it- The waitress throws it at the cook and does mean things to your table's food)