Monday, April 05, 2010

Already forgotten

I have been working on my PhD for 5 years now.  And if all goes well, I will "graduate" on Sunday, May 23rd.

For PhD students, "graduation" is actually a Hooding Ceremony in which the advisor hoods the new PhD.  It's very pompy and circumstancey.

I enjoy the champagne.

I realized a few days ago that my advisor was planning to be out of the country that day (starting field work with the rest of my labmates).  The really crazy part is that HE was the one that insisted on his students going to the hooding ceremony!

When I realized his scheduling mistake, I was really upset (perhaps exacerbated by lots of rum & diet coke).  And my wonderful labmate quickly emailed and notified him of the mistake.  And he is working on changing the travel dates. 

But I am still upset about it.  After 5 years of total dedication to working for him, he doesn't even look up the day of my most important event?  Or have one of his 3 secretaries do it?  Or have his RA or TA look it up?

I'll get over it eventually (with more rum and champagne). 

And tack it on to my list of "Things I will never do as an advisor".

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Becky said...

Of all his crimes, this one is minor (in my humble opinion). I probably think this because it is TOTALLY something I would do, since I often double book myself.