Monday, October 05, 2009

Reason why I work from home, #157

Today I had a conversation with another grad student that is currently in charge of the bio-grad-student-club. He was angry because the graduate student coordinator wanted him to explain an upcoming event to new grad students. These students must present their work at the event and have never done it before. But grad student-in-charge thinks that it is insulting to actually explain to the new students how to do new things. I mean, they should just know what to do.

I tried suggesting that it wouldn't be a horrific idea to just briefly mention the process at the meeting, as both a refresher to old students and an explanation to new students. In a nice, quick non-condescending way. We agreed to disagree and he decided that he will start the discussion with "The graduate coordinator thinks you're all stupid ..."

2 hours later, I get an email from the secretary (also new) asking me what she should tell one of the new students .... because the new student doesn't know what to do.


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