Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Goals: Mid-month update!

My updated goals for September (previously posted here):

  • Present data at lab meeting from field study in Costa Rica (collected by others). Figure out how we're going to write the paper and how much of it I am actually responsible for.
    Data presented and was told I am basically responsible for writing the whole project up. I will be first author, so that's cool, but that means I have a lot of work to do. Have 1/2 of this paper done and hope to have a full draft by the end of the month.
  • Finish collecting data and analyzing data from Experiment 1a and Experiment 1b.
    Finished collecting data for 1a, but just realized I coded it wrong when I entered it in to a computer program so now I cannot analyze it. This means I need to figure out how to re-code it OR I have to collect all of the data over. As it is 27 hours of video (which will take about 50 hours of work to get through) I'd like to take a few hours to consider how to re-code and then analyze.
  • Get a draft of the paper for Experiments 1a & 1b to advisor.
    Since I could not analyze ... draft is looking grim ....
  • Finish getting replicates for Experiment 2.
    I have the least control over this and am therefore still waiting ....

Additionally, I need to add to the list:

  • Complete and submit at least 6 (maybe more??) applications for jobs by October 10th

Wish me luck!

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Good luck.