Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A blast from my library past

Today I went to the local NJ library with RyGuy. We go every couple of weeks (on the day our books are due).

In addition to borrowing books, we always check out the "Friends of the Library" bookshelf that's full of books that people donated. It's $1 for hardcover books and 50 cents for paperbacks. I have never seen anyone else buy books there, but we ALWAYS do. Today, as you might have guessed, I found some good ones:

The Babysitters Club!

Oh, that's right. The Babysitters Club! This is a series of over 100 "young adult" books that I was obsessed with as a kid! I mean, obsessed! I got all of them out of the library. And then I owned the first 100 books. And my friend Steph and I tried to start our own club at least twice! And there was a movie and a bad TV show too! The series is actually horribly written in terms of continuity and content ... but, hey -- we didn't have Harry Potter!!

I bought the 2 books from the series that were there and can't wait to get a few free hours to read them!


Becky said...

I too loved this series and read them all IN ORDER. SO fun.

SLM said...

OMG!!! Do you remember how we would ride out bikes to the library to get new books. You could always read the books fast them me :) These books were awesome at the time and our "club" was how i got my first couple babysitting jobs for Nickie and Alisha and Ericka. :)