Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So long sweet summer ...

The "crazy" summer is now over, so I hope to get back into blogging!

Life is going OK here!

With the start of the new semester, I was granted a fellowship, which means I don't have to teach or be my boss's bitch. I get to focus on my own research!! My contract/letter even says that because this fellowship is a gift "no work is required". So cool! If I can get A LOT of stuff done this semester, I will actually get to graduate in May! So here's hoping the fellowship is a big help and I actually do get to focus on my own research!

Of course, with the "fellowship freedom", I was already asked by 2 different professors to lecture for them while they're out of town. This week I took over Evolution and in November I am doing a week of Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. In truth, I don't mind much. I like to give lectures and I like the topics I have been asked to cover. But it just makes me laugh that I have managed to be roped in to teaching when I am not getting paid to do so!

So, this semester, I hope to keep you up to date on my progress towards graduation! I hope to finish my dissertation, submit lots of papers (and make my Big 10) and find a job!

Wish me luck!!

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