Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dick Dawk likes soup

The conference I went to in Brazil turned out to be really great!

Great stuff: Awesome famous keynote speaker (who likes soup a lot!); cute resort; great pool; caught up with lots of people I haven't seen in a while; lots of fun conversations with scientists; free alcohol at nearly every event; old labmate (DancingFish) gave a great talk in a little competition; Joe gave the best talk ever (on one of the papers I am first author on) and got tons of questions from super famous people; met lots of new fun grad students; got some more post doc advice; listened to lots of great science talks; was brave enough to ask questions at a few talks; only a few bug bites; had an overall great time!

Not-great stuff: Traveled at least 22 hours each way (many planes and airports and buses); my talk was on the very last day, and the stupid clicker broke and my slides went away for a while, and I looked like an idiot; pretty sure I broke my toe while walking the streets of town one drunken evening; my undergrad advisor was there and it appears that he still hates me, making all interactions totally awkward; did not know Portuguese at all!!; got yelled at twice by a semi-famous scientist's wife for being too loud at night; perhaps have swine flu (though not as bad as Joe).

I think the Great stuff list totally beats the Not-great stuff list, so I declare the Brazil trip a success!!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment!

Beautiful weather in Newark!


Beautiful weather in Brazil!
Real poinsettias. Not like the Christmas plants in the US!
DancingFish finishing the FunRun!

Joe after his 4th place finish in the Fun Run!

View from our balcony!
(Dick Dawk stayed on the bottom floor!)


Such fun!


Umm ... yeah ...


Cow, the goat, and his Mommy


Attempt at a photo of Dick Dawk's crack


Joe ... with some famous science guy???

The Caipirinha!
(Never accidentally ask for a double!)

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