Monday, April 13, 2009

Pondering a poster ...

A quick post on work (because it makes me feel better) and then I'll get back to some more pictures and the fun in life.

While my dear advisor was away doing field work, it fell upon me and my fellow grad students to work with His undergrads on a poster presentation of their research. That meant one of my labmates (Joe) and I had to teach these 3 ladies what their research results mean and how to present that in a poster. How the DATA is all we can talk about and not what we FEEL might be happening. How LESS words are better and how MORE pictures and figures are helpful.

We spent more than an hour with them last week giving specific suggestions on their poster and suggested that they send it to us sometime over the weekend to look at, since the poster symposium is tomorrow (Tuesday).

Have we seen the poster yet? Take a guess.

I am annoyed that they haven't sent it to us. But there are many reasons why I should NOT be annoyed:

  1. They don't have to answer to me. I am not their advisor.
  2. I can not demand that I see their work. Only their advisor can.
  3. If they do poorly, it is not my fault. It is their advisor's fault.

So ... I am not going to be annoyed with them (as they are all sweet girls). Instead, I will be annoyed with this silly grant proposal that I am still working on ...

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