Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off to talk!

I am heading to visit an old labmate who is now teaching at a college in Altoona, PA. She invited me to give a research talk about one of the papers we recently published. My first invited research lecture! YAY!

I am not at all worried about the talk. But I have no idea what to wear. Too cold for skirts (and I would have to shave). And I don't want to wear a heavy sweater (increases chance of sweat and flushed face). Oh, and I don't wear button down shirts (the main uniform of people in my field) because of my small chest and large hips and ass. Hmmm ... maybe a $5 Old Navy shirt and some black pants? Flats or heals? Oh the decisions of a scientist!

Off to pack for my 24 hour visit! Wish me luck!

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