Monday, December 15, 2008

He must love me!

Back many years ago, before Ry & I had been dating very long, I knew that he loved me when he cleaned my toilet. Yes, that's right. I was away for 6 weeks doing fieldwork in Texas and before I got home, Ry cleaned my toilet (which gets really gross in the summer due to some gross black flecky things (which surely cause cancer)).

Of course, I never doubt that he loves me, because he's always super great to me and puts up with me all of the time!

But last night, I got sick (some strep-throat-like-infection) and only went to work for half the day today. When I got home, my mountain (literally about 50lbs) of laundry was gone! He had taken it to wash and dry for me! So sweet (even if he maybe dried a few sweaters that I wouldn't have)!!

Ry's the best (or I am easy to please!)!

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