Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Big Date!

That's right!
Just 750 days until the December 31st, 2010 RyGuy-Sneks Wedding

We're so excited about having a big, fun New Year's Eve party with our family and friends!

Just 2 years to plan it (and finish a PhD and get a real job and hopefully even live in the same state as Ry)!

But with a big wedding party and an excited family to help, I think we'll be able to have a super-great time!

(And don't you love the cute wedding countdown board? Thanks Mom!!!)


Becky said...

you are in trouble! the one thing about my wedding that I would say i did 'wrong' was take two years to plan it. It all worked out but be prepared. In you need an ear to scream into i'm your girl, i've so been there!. One word of advice make this your favorite phrase "that is an interesting idea, let me thing about it!"

Becky said...

think! let me think about it! i'm a dope!

SLM said...

So excited!!!

Sneks said...

Thanks Becky! I will take the "Let me think about it" idea. I have a feeling it will come in handy! While I would like a shorter engagement, Ry & I decided that I should be all done with school before we get married! And maybe we will even live in the same state! So ... 2 more years till the wedding! Crazy!