Thursday, October 30, 2008

I gotta get out of this place ..

This week has been full of lab-related drama and I may have been slightly "animated" after a few drinks, but overall, I think I handled it alright and the lab continues to run smoothly.

But today was just too much for me.

I knew a shipment of fish was coming in via UPS and the department secretary knew that I was to be called when they arrived. I was down in my basement-mens-room-lab for a few hours, working away, awaiting my fish shipment. When suddenly my advisor bursts through the door with a departmental lab-tech and boxes of fish.

I said, "Oh, good, the fish are here!" (smiles)

My advisor replies (in a not-nice tone) (in front of a departmental lab-tech), "They've been sitting in the office for quite a while but no one knew where you were!"

To which I reply "Why wouldn't anyone think to look in the LAB?". You know, the lab far away in the basement where I spend all of my time since I became your indentured servant???? There is a phone in this cave that you can talk to me on from your super fancy, windowed, chair's office. All you have to do is enter in 5 numbers and my voice will magically appear on the other end.

I realize this sounds silly, and minor and you're wondering "why would this stupid little thing bother her?". But if you had just had the week that I had, you'd be crazy too!

Can't wait to leave this place (both for the weekend, and eventually forever)!


Becky said...

I totally feel your pain. There you are doing everything you can to make things run smoothly... someone else makes a stupid mistake and you take the heat. God forbid you defend yourself, with a bunch of 'lame excuses'!
I appreciate all the lessons I learned in the NBL about how to handle yourself in these situations.

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