Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Week in the life of a grad student

The past week has been super crazy for me! Most of it good, but all of it crazy. And pretty much everything has been about work!

Here's a list of the few things that have happened:

  • Gave a seminar (1hr) on a really awesome portion of my fieldwork from Costa Rica this past January
  • Spent 1.5 hours helping a labmate go over a research talk for her conference
  • Spent 3 hours and then another 2 hours helping a different labmate edit her dissertation defense
  • Was appreciated at a grad student lunch
  • Worked with undergrad in lab (and she managed not to kill the fish with ice cold water this time)
  • Spent 12 hours at a local research conference (which literally drives grad students to drink)
  • Gave talk (15min) on fieldwork from last year's Jamaica trip
  • Watched 2 dissertation defenses by students in other research labs in my department
  • Taught my own classes as well as classes of labmate
  • Graded over 100 lab assignments
  • Finished and submitted Costa Rica field research paper to very good journal (1st paper submitted in 2008!)
  • Finished and submitted Jamaica field research paper to another very good journal (2nd submitted paper this year!)
  • Watched my labmate's dissertation defense
  • "Celebrated" labmate's dissertation defense completion (by drinking with remaining labmates)

All that, plus normal life stuff, means that I am now exhausted. Perhaps I will catch up with sleep (and laundry) this weekend ...

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