Monday, January 28, 2008

Bagaces Final Days

My final days doing research in Costa Rica!

Day 22
Undergrad T still has sunburn and a backache, so we spend another day in town.

Sleep in. Make some zebrafish graphs for a project I am doing with Dancing Fish. Though I can´t email them because Flash Drive has gone missing (Likely it was left at internet place and now it is gone forever).

Go to Rodeo with Prof B, Twins and T. It rains, which is apparently very weird for this time of year. Rodeo is supposed to start at 5pm (when we show up). Of course, in this town, everyone understands that when something is supposed to start at 5pm, that really means 8pm. During 3 hour wait, T gets mad because he is unable to carry on an intelligent conversation. He then refuses to talk to anyone all night.

Rodeo is interesting, like an American Rodeo. Especially liked the event that was like musical chairs on horseback.

Day 23
Finally back in the field. Get 10 samples for T´s undergrad project (that will surely not have my name on it). Also get lots of video and photos. Also see capuchins again!!

At night, spend some time at a local ¨futbol¨game (aka soccer). Don´t really know soccer rules. And no scoreboard. Very confusing.

Call the love of my life, who is actually in Buffalo visiting with all of my guy friends! Excited that he is enjoying himself in his new town!

Day 24
Last day in the field!!!!

Find more little baby, nonswimming fish and video tape the parents retrieveing them!! YAY!!!

Get 16 more samples for T´s project!

Celebrate last day by throwing out field clothes!

Find another large spider hiding under my luggage. Canadian Roommate says it is a Tarantula. Does tarantula just mean really big, hairy spider? Hope no tarantulas have found their way into my bags and travel back to the US with me and then mate with a house spider and infest the whole Little Town with killer attack spiders (yes, I have seen Arachnaphoia many, many years ago and still shudder at the thought of spiders. Especially large spiders.).

Have amazing Bagaces pizza one last time.

Day 25
My ¨dia ultimita¨.

Spend morning cleaning and packing and shopping in town for souvineers (oh, the souvineers of Bagaces). Have lunch at favorite restaurant (the Soda La Fuente). Take last shower in scorpion infested bathroom. Spend afternoon in airconditioned internet center.

Tonight, will maybe play one last game of Gringo Poker.

Tomorrow, up very early to travel 5 hours to airport, then spend all afternoon and evening in airports and on planes, to finally arrive back in the States at midnight!!!

Well, in just 18 hours I will have officially survived 26 days of field research in Costa Rica! At times I wasn´t sure if I would make it, but it looks like I just might!

Thanks for all of the comments and emails these last 4 weeks!!! You all really helped me stay sane!
After a day of getting used to cold weather and English speaking people, I will surely share more about my time here!!!

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