Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Work-at-Home an Oxymoron or a blessing?

With my dissertation proposal defense looming (8 days & counting), Ry suggested that I work from home today so that I could actually accomplish some work.

So I took his amazing advice and (low and behold) I got A LOT of work done on my powerpoint and notes for the big defense. I mean, it is way more than I have been able to get done in the last week while working in my office.

Isn't that crazy?

I am continually amazed by how little work I actually get done while at work. There is always someone stopping by to chat about work or non-work or something-that-might-maybe-be-related-to-something-I-worked-on-once. Other grad students, the students I teach, lab mates, professors, my advisor, the secretaries, Ry, etc. etc. (Just as I was writing that sentence the cleaning lady came in to chat ... of course she only knows Spanish and I don't ...).

I know it's not everyone else's fault and I should just shut my office door to the world.

But it is just super nice to stay home and work in my pjs while watching Ellen & The View (and still get more work done)!!

Thanks for the suggestion Ry!!!!

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SLM said...

Just wanted to say good luck with your defense.