Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mid-Semester Update!!

So, another few weeks have flown by much too quickly for me to comprehend that the semester is half over!! Yikes!

These last few weeks have been filled with editing my proposal, working on a joint-presentation that a labmate and I are giving next Tuesday (on Jamaican fishes), working on a joint-publication that a labmate and I are trying to send off somewhere BIG ASAP (on the pupfish), working on actually starting experiments that are part of my dissertation (on Costa Rican fish), teaching genetics and trying to keep up with Ry's social schedule as he finishes up his time here in The Little Town (for awesome pictures of our latest fun in AC and hiking with friends check out his blog!!).

Lots to do lately, but it all seems to be going very well!

And -- on an exciting note -- Ry & I will be in Buffalo for a whole 20ish hours come mid-November after we spend a few days in a Small City (near Buffalo)!! YAY!

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