Thursday, August 16, 2007

Isn't my title TEACHING assistant?

Today I finally received my teaching assignment for the fall. Which is great, since we start teaching in ... 10 days.

Half of my assignment was teaching a lab class that I have taught twice before and that I am actually starting to enjoy (though it does involve lots of grading).

The other half of my assignment was to prepare for two different labs. Of which, I have taught neither. And the prep work I will need to do for these classes include science skills that I am not well practiced in. Honestly, the work I will have to do are things I haven't done in about 7 years. Seriously. I am probably the least qualified person in the department for this position. And I like to teach (unlike the rest of the grad students).

And the reason I was assigned this position: because my advisor (the graduate coordinator in charge of it) didn't think I would say no to him.


It was just easiest for him to shove me in to the position because other people couldn't teach other classes and this was his simple solution -- because he didn't expect me to complain about it.

And he said so. "I didn't expect you to say no"

Umm ... Excuse me sir, but I wasn't even asked.

And then I get all upset in his office because I am being taken advantage of. And I get all girly and teary-eyed.

And then he makes a big deal about trying to get my position switched, when I shouldn't even have been given it in the first place. But now I look like the whiny bitchy grad student who always tries to get her own way.


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Luke said...

It just goes to show what I've always believed to be true. Professors are jerks.

Except people who may or may not be professors in the future....They're cool (for now)