Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's green, knit diagonally and a baby gift -- of course I love it!

Another baby, another blanket.

This one is for the baby boy of a woman that started this PhD program with me who is now leaving to pursue happiness outside these crazy steel walls.
It was a very exciting knitting adventure for me! While it looks like a square -- to me it is a diamond. That is, I knit it from one corner diagonally to the other corner. Which meant 150 rows of increases and 150 rows of decreases! YAY! I can knit triangles now!!!
I am gifting the blanket tomorrow and I hope that the mom-to-be likes it. She's also a knitter (and I usually stear clear of knitting things for knitters as they are aware of all of the mistakes that I make!).
I think I might knit one of these for me ... only bigger. But also in green.

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SLM said...

This blanket is awesome! You are soo cool that you know how to knit, I need a cool talent like that:)