Monday, March 12, 2007

"Break" is over

Today was the first day after "spring break".

And I got a phone call from my advisor before I even made it in to school (and I generally get there before most people).

And I have an email box filled to capacity with emails to answer and lab report drafts to review.

And I had over an hour long conversation with my advisor about my labmates and summer field research.

And I had to perform fish surgeries, of which I am terrified.

And I had to sit through (for a second time) a talk about giving a talk given by a professor who isn't that good at giving talks.

And I had to teach my lab again. Complete with squealing girls that had to touch live crayfish (though, some of the girls made me proud!).

And somehow I ended up at a professor's house to hold a ladder while she cleaned her gutters.

I am currently looking forward to:

  1. My friends' visit this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My teaching assignment being done in 2 weeks!!!!!

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