Thursday, February 08, 2007

See ya later bathroom buddy!

Dating some you work (yes, I am referring to being a PhD student as work, because it really is analogous) with can often be awkward. Everyone finds out you are a couple, regardless of how hard you try to hide it. People assume you know where your partner is at all times of the day ("Umm .. did you check the men's room?"). And higher-ups often think you will be severely affected by current status of the other's work, even though your work is completely unrelated and you really are only affected in that you may have to drive home from the bar tonight, because he had the worse day and it is his turn to drink.

Dating at work is often made more awkward if your current significant other previously dated someone else whose office happens to be just 3 doors down. Awk-ward!

You see, long long ago, before Ry met and fell madly in love with me, he had a boyish phase where he dated a (much) older co-worker who may or may not have had her own offspring already and with whom he shared very little in common. Obviously, doomed from the start. He broke it off with her after a few months and she did not take it well. And she managed to swing some of the other co-workers on to her side with ridiculous stories of Ry's insensitivity (which, as many of you know, is just plain ridiculous).

Then I showed up, it was a sunny day and Ry couldn't resist how bold, witty, and sexy I was. So, after a few months, we began to date and now have a very strong relationship.

But the EX is still here. Apparently she has been here for almost a decade now.

And while she has no reason to dislike me, it is obvious that she and her comrades openly pretend I don't exist. Which is fine. I have no desire to befriend any of them

But I just wish there were more bathrooms in our department.

There are probably about 2o women in the two wings I spend time in -- and we all share 2 stalls. Yes, 2 stalls.

And it seems to happen, more often than with anyone else -- the EX and I always have to pee at the same time.

How is this possible?

Then there is this awkwardness where we're both trying to use the bathroom and get out, but there is just silence. And I know we're both think that we shared the same man.

I really do not feel threatened by her, as I obviously won without ever competing. And I don't ever think about her.

Except when we share the bathroom.

But here is the greatest news I have heard in a while -- the EX is finally leaving!

She got a job, away from here and is FINALLY leaving!!

Now I can pee in peace!

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