Monday, December 11, 2006

Buffalo, Black Friday, and Fun

Our visit to Buffalo for Thanksgiving was so wonderful! We visited with lots of friends and spent a good amount of time with the family. It makes me sad that Ry & I won't be there for Christmas!! But maybe we'll make a spring trek to the snowy city ....

Here's Ry & I with Anna, Gorgeous, Nes & Marc in Anna & Gorgeous' new place.

Mom, Dad, little bro, K, Ry & I squeezed into the Jimmy and headed over the border to see the Festival of Lights.
There may have been a little-bitty "hit and run", but no one was hurt.
(Is it a hit and run if the car is in neutral?)

My cutie nephew! Seriously cute.

Getting ready for Black Friday shopping!!
Gotta check all of the ads, make a list, and check it twice!

It's a cold, cold night in front of the Circuit City.
Ry & K are all bundled up and ready to fight the crowds!

Are we being attacked by a masked man or is that my little bro?

If we hadn't been under the Circuit City "Video" sign ....

... how would the pizza man know where to deliver our pepperoni pizza at 3am?

Ry was able to get a nice TV and we got lots of great deals, but a lesson was learned: we are never sleeping overnight (in Buffalo) for any sort of good deals. Especially when we need to drive home the next day! (See Black Friday ... for more details!)

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SLM said...

I love your pictures! Your nephew is so big! How old is he now? I did not realize that you gusy slept outside the store all night, you are hard core:)