Sunday, September 24, 2006

Laundry with Rosa

I don't mind doing my laundry at the Laundromat, as I usually get some reading done and interesting things often happen while I am there (see old post from April for an example: Clean Sheets & Buggy Teeth).

Today, I was grading Genetics Lab Reports (oh so fun!) while my blankets and clothes were in the washer when a little kid came running over to me and tried to grab my diet coke. He was probably less than 2, but I have an intimate relationship with diet coke. Thus, I was angry that this 36" tall man was trying to steal my beloved.

I took a deep breath (as I make it general rule not to accost people who are unable to vote) and smiled at him, took my diet coke from his grubby hands, and looked around to find whom he belonged to.

And over comes Rosa. The cleaning woman in charge of the Biology Department. Every grad student or professor who has stayed in their office later than 6pm knows Rosa. A very nice lady who does a very good job. I often try to chat with her, but her English isn't the best and I can not speak a lick of Spanish (other than "Pues tengo que irme" and "Yo quiero papas fritas").

She reconginized me right away and came over. The cute little diet coke thief was her grandson. So, all of my harsh feelings towards the kid vanished and I chatted (somewhat awkwardly) with Rosa for the morning.

And, so it is official. Between late evenings in my office and Sunday laundry, I spend almost as much time with the department cleaning lady as I do with my boyfriend. I need to come home earlier at night.

Happy Laundering!!

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SLM said...

This made me laugh. I can just see you thinking about chasing after the little kid for the diet coke:)