Sunday, September 03, 2006

(I don't really) Love-Love Tennis

Being a struggling biology grad student (much like a struggling artist, but with out so much moodiness), I don't spend money on cable. I am hardly ever home to watch TV. And when I am home, I really shouldn't be watching TV anyway. Thus, I can only watch abc, cbs, nbc, and fox on my TV (usually through some static).

All of that leads to me watching sports on Sundays while I do some cleaning and study neuroscience. I like when the Sunday sports are football or baseball. But, unfortunately, golf, tennis, and NASCAR are typically shown. Now, I just can't stand golf, so tennis and NASCAR usually win. Or country music on the radio.

Thus, today I found myself watching the U.S. Open. Aggasi's last match even. I guess it was exciting, because people on TV kept clapping. But I just don't get it.

So, what's the deal with scoring? Why is it 15, 30 or 40 points? And then a deuce? But, if it is a tie-breaker, all the points are worth just 1 and you have to get 6 or 7? And I can never keep it all straight -- what's the difference between matches and sets and games?

Also, since I am already complaining, what's with the grunting? Every stroke, the players grunt really loud. Weird.

Although, I do enjoy when the guys change their shirts on the court.

Overall, I am happy that football season offically starts this weekend!

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DancingFish said...

I think it is easier than bowling scoring at least. And Vance also hates the grunting. The only real insight I have is that tiebreakers must be wom by 2 so that is why they can go to different numbers of points. I never remember who serves how many and when they switch all that. I just like that it is fast paced, unlike baseball which i find a bit boring on tv, abd it takes a whole lot of muscle, stamina (no teamwork for the full 3+ hours!), and coordination.