Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow is the start of the 3 Js' big ABS adventure. Awesome that traveling by plane has suddenly become hell. Way to go terrorists! But, there is no way I am dealing with another roadtrip this summer, so I will just have to suffer through airport security and limit my in-flight liquids to breast milk and insulin. (Serious question -- do you think my chapstick will count as a "gel" product that will be taken away from me?)

Despite the hassel at the airport, I am looking forward to a super-fun conference. There are lots of cool people signed up to give talks and I am just a big super science geek who can't wait to sit around and hear about animal behavior! And I am staying with all the Js in the lab and my old whale-hugger friend Becky!

I've been busy working on data for the talk I am giving on the last day of the conference. I am excited, as it is my first "real" talk AND my data turned out to be OK. If I can figure out how, maybe I will post the video that I have of my cichlid mom picking up her babies!

I'm off to Utah! See ya in a week!

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