Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Front door service

Get everything you want, delivered right to your door .... if you live in New York City!

Max Delivery

While my old roommate Caroline and I would watch Sex & the City, we would often comment that we should start a delivery service in Philly where you could call up and order a bottle of wine and a candy bar. (Of course ... while we discussed this every Tuesday, we never actually bought the items on our way home the following week!)

But, now in NYC, not only can you order wine and candy bars, but you can also order cupcakes, mangos, condoms, Meet The Parents, gluten-free pasta, diapers, eggs, a pregnancy test, cigarettes, and a get well soon card. In less than an hour, delivered right to your door.

Maybe C & I should forget our real "jobs" and start the business in Philadelphia!

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