Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Go Neurds!

After a wonderful trip to Buffalo (photos & stories will be posted soon), Ry & I showed up in the Little town just in time for a week filled with softball!

This summer we have been enjoying the great outdoors with a bit of intermural softball fun with our friends in the Biological Sciences Department! Despite our penultimate finish, The Neurodegenerates have had a great time this year (especially at the bar after the games)! And that second-to-last place spot clinched us a play-off spot!

The last two days of games have guaranteed our play-off appearance. Tonight we start out against the first-place team. I t
hink it is double-elimination, so we get to play again tomorrow too!

Check out some of the season's
photos on the BOGS web page!

And keep your fingers crossed for us!!
I'll let you know how we do!


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