Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buffalo Visit 2006, Part 2

After our fun night at the Falls, Ry & I headed to Marineland with my Big Brother, Sister-in-law, and my cutest-ever nephew!

I spent many, many days at Marineland of Canada when I did my undergrad work. But, I hadn't been back to see my whales for about 3 years! I won't ruin the re-count of my wonderful trip by listing the pros and cons of marine mammals in captivity, but I was surprised by all that had changed at the park in the last few years. Many of my favorite whales were no longer there, but there were a few new babies (including a 4 day old beluga!)! It was fun to just be a tourist with Ry and hang out with my Big Bro's family! The pictures below show some of the fun we had (though, I will add more of my cutie nephew once I get all of the film developed!)!

Nootka (this beautiful orca) gets ready to drench the crowd during the "Killer Whale Splash Zone" at Friendship Cove. Did you say you needed an adult volunteer?? Yes, my boyfriend will do it!

Yep, that's Ry showing everyone that getting soaked with whale-water is the funnest thing one can do on a hot Friday morning!

We visited with Kiska (my other favorite orca) in the underwater viewing area. I swear she remembers our mornings together!

Next we went to hang out with the Belugas at Artic Cove! We met up with my old trainer friend Doug and checked out all of my Beluga friends!

Ry & my cutest-ever nephew petted and fed the Belugas! They had the best time and I was so excited that they loved my whales!
(Cute Overload Alert -- Ry petting a Beluga!!)


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