Thursday, July 27, 2006

Buffalo Trip 2006, Part 3

After a few days of fun, we raced back from Canada to Buffalo for the real reason for our trip -- my cousin's wedding!

Once again, I enjoyed the wedding in a bridesmaid dress (bridesmaid appearance #4!! -- you can hire me if you need an experienced bridesmaid!)! This wedding I was able to enjoy my role with my little bro's girlfriend, so it was especially fun!

The bride & groom were extremely happy, as was the mother of the bride (my aunt)! It was a beautiful, small wedding at Kloc's Grove in West Seneca (cute place -- I recommend it).

My family was surely the entertainment of the evening, with Ry & I tearing up the dance floor, my mother getting a lap dance from my Aunt Deb, and my catching of the bouquet and Ry getting the garter! Below are a few photos (of Ry's), with more to come once I get my film back!

Cousin Laurie (the beautiful bride) being escorted down the isle by her mom (Aunt Cheri)
Mr. & Mrs.!
Congratulations to Jay & Laurie!
The bridesmaids (Kel, friend G, and me!)!
The dresses looked really nice and the flowers were gorgeous!

Little Bro Steve & his girlfriend Kel! They're cute!


Ry & I! He cleans up nice!


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Serenity said...

totally random though...

According to Humpty Dumpty you can can have un-birthdays, so Im thinking of having an, do you wanna be my un-bridesmaid? You can even try to throw the bouquet (cause its an un-wedding, everything is done backwards!)