Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend Update

A few days since I last posted, so I have some new pics and stories of fun!

For me, the end of the week always makes up for the early-week stress. On Thursday, I actually decided to join the group for pool instead of going home and doing work as I had the past few weeks. Not that I played pool, but DancingFish, Luke (my fav blogstalker), and I watched the pool excitement and enjoyed our brews.

Then I impressed Ry with my amazing culinary skills by boiling spaghetti, opening a jar of tomato sauce and getting the kraft parmesian cheese out the fridge (I figure, he's Italian, so do I really have a shot at making good pasta anyway?)!!

Friday was a super fun day in Bethlehem because it was super nice! I was a kick-ass TA and held class outside on the lawn (a good conversation ensued about curing diseases and evolution)! Then Gags made DancingFish and I an amazing lunch at her house while we tried to do some work.

In the early afternoon, V and Ry held the first official softball practice for the Bio department's softball team. All I can say is -- I am old and out of shape. I am still so sore from a little 2 hour practice of swinging and ball shagging! But I think it is going to be a fun team to be on! Our only problem -- we have no name!! Please submit your suggestions for a good name for a super-fun biology department softball team!!!

At night we celebrated Ry's advisor's Great Professor award -- which meant free drinks for all at S^3 (which is becoming the regular Friday bar)!! Then Ry, DancingFish, V and I ate more pasta at a cute little Italian place in town. Sure, DancingFish had a fly in her salad, but no one really minded ... which may have been an effect of the beer she and I had to slam at our all-time favorite bar -- the You're Welcome Inn.

Saturday's fun was more shopping with DancingFish (justified by our need for cute symposium outfits) and Natalie's 30th Birthday celebration. I'll save that story for later ... I actually had my film camera and I'll be picking up the photos in a bit!! I'll have to scan them in for you!!

Hope you're having a fun weekend too, where ever you are.

I'm off to the basement to hang out with my fish for a while ....

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