Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fish, Heels, and Friends

It was a busy week getting ready for the 3rd Annual Lehigh Valley Ecology & Evolution Symposium. My advisor was hosting it ... so I was put to work ... and had to give my first public talk about the research I have been doing here at Lehigh.

Just a few highlights:
My talk went well, I think. Many people complimented me on it and I didn't pass out or burp or anything, so I have to be happy with that. Here's a picture of my fish that I talked about. If you look in the back, left, bottom corner ... you can almost see the "wrigglers".

Ry did not fall asleep during any of the talks (that I know of). I think he secretly enjoyed the day! (And he looked good doing it!)

DancingFish & I were amazing AV dorks.

I wore high heels for 14 hours and I can still walk today!

Becca, my cool friend from SJU, presented a poster on her Drosophila work and won BEST POSTER!!! YAY Becca!!!!!


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