Friday, March 03, 2006

Let the fun begin!

Spring "break" officially starts today. Not that it is spring, nor a break.

But we will again have a "week of fun". Officially, 9 days of fun. I am not sure of all of the events, but the culmination will be a visit from "home" friends!

DancingFish and I began a bit early with a dance party in my office yesterday. Swanny gave us some dry-ice (on the desk), so we made some fog, turned on the Kelly Clarkson, and flashed the lights. You wish you had fun like we did!

We then went to a seminar on evolution and function of complex signaling in spiders given by Eileen Hebets. It was cool -- you should check out her website.

Then, this morning, I spent hours driving the advisor to the airport. So, the 3 Js (yes, almost everyone in my lab is named Jen) are officially on break!!

Stay tuned for more exciting Spring Break adventures!!

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