Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random Fun

Thought I would share with you a few random photos from the last week or so. Just because they are funny and need to be posted for all to enjoy!

Here's a shot of RyGuy with V. They are being "real guys" and playing videogames. Very manly sequined headband Ry! (Check out more of the sequined headband at Underwater Knitting!)

Dancingfish and I watch the boys play pool at STEELGARDEN (as we do pretty much every Thursday). It's really just an excuse for she and I to get Fish Bowl martinis (not pictured). By the way -- the scarf I am wearing definitely belongs to RyGuy. Not that I am against the new scarf trend or anything!

Here's a photo for my blogstalker. No -- Luke & I are NOT making out. But I do look pretty terrified. What can I say? He's a scary guy!

RyGuy & Luke. Why does Luke have that look on his face? Is he trying to fondle RyGuy or is he eyeing the pretty sorority girls that have just taken over the pool table?

I don't have any photos from last night's celebration -- but a CONGRATULATIONS is in order to RyGuy for receiving a nice big fellowship for next semester! YAY! (And YAY for free drinks and shots from Ry's crazy advisor! I guess it is OK to be called a whore by a professor if he is willing to buy you drinks all night! At least I'm not a slut!)

That's all of the fun that has punctuated the craziness of grad school in the last two weeks!

"My-So-Called Spring Break" begins in just one week! Stay tuned for the exciting adventures! The finale will feature a Bethlehem visit from BF-Kimmy, the BF-in-law, Bubbl25 and Gorgeous!!! Can't wait!

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