Friday, February 10, 2006

Birthday Week Review

My "birthday week" is officially coming to an end and it has been a very fun week! Here are just a few of the highlights:
~Last friday (after beer-thirty) watched The Grizzly Man with friends. If you have time to kill (and alcohol to drink) I recommend this documentary about a crazy bear-loving man (he actually said "Sgt. Brown just took a number 2") who died in Alaska while out "saving the bears".
~Superbowl Sunday was spent with
DancingFish, V, Gags & her hubby and friends eating way too much food and rooting for the Steelers! There were plenty of cupcakes to celebrate mine and V's birthdays (the candles to the left are the ones I made my wishes on)! I also got some beautiful hand-knitted green arm warmers from DancingFish! You know it's a good day when your stomach hurts from laughing so hard! Below is a picture of Molly (Gags' puppy) watching our favorite break from the Superbowl -- The Puppy Bowl! Fun times had by all.
~Monday was an early, bust morning of preping for a presentation I had to give in class ... which was then cancelled. So I went home and napped. Napping makes me happy. Also making me happy -- RyGuy was back after a week of illness! Welcome Back!
~Before Ballet on Tuesday, DancingFish and I checked out the rock gym (because one of my students works there and let us climb for free) and then dined on SpaghettiOs. Yummy. Extra yummy while doing "chanjmas" and "gleesods" in ballet class.
~Wednesday I had dinner with the girls' and their guys at the "best restaurant in Allentown" -- this complete dive bar with THE MOST amazing food. Seriously. It was like 4-star restaurant NYC presentation. With paper napkins.
~And to wrap it up, Thursday night was a relaxing night with no real work, good conversation, and delivered pan pizza. Can a girl complain?

And that's just all of the fun I had with my friends here in Northeast PA. Thanks to all of my friend around the country who sent cards and gifts and called me with birthday wishes! I cannot wait to have a "postponed" Birthday visit from BF-Kimmy, the BF-in-law, Bubbl25, and Gorgeous in a few weeks!! Miss you guys!

Thanks again to all for the most wonderful birthday a girl could ask for! Now it's back to "regular time". I should go teach my class about anole evolution .....

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BF Kimmy said...

Glad that you had a fun birthday week!