Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday to me!

Well, after months (or perhaps years) of saying "I'm totally putting that on my blog", here it is -- my very own blog. Finally started to celebrate not only 25 years of life, but also to celebrate the wonderful friends I have!

If you're interested in hearing about the crazy, funny, silly, dorky, nerdy, stupid things that go on in my life, stop on back to "The Oddity Effect" for a treat! (Things might get more interesting once I figure out how to post photos ...)

That's all I have time for today -- off to celebrate with some football, food, drinks, and friends!!


DancingFish said...

yeah! Happy birthday and happy blogging!

Stephanie said...

I am glad you have a blog... now I can stalk you since I never can catch you on the phone:)

Kathryn said...

I love that you have a link to peeps research. We really should submit our "interrelationships of peeps" to them- that's solid science!

amandamonkey said...

Oh, NO! I can't believe I missed your birthday WEEK! I am the worst, EVER!

Let's go out this week sometime and I'll totally make it up to you.