Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter break in Buffalo!

After Christmas, Ry & I traveled to Buffalo to visit with the family! As usually, we took Nephew out for some fun! Here's our day at the Snow Park in Niagara Falls on New Year's Day! -- it's actually open 365 days a year, and Nephew is already looking forward to another trip there this summer!

Here's the snow tubing hill!!
Uncle Ry at the bottom!
The boys going down in a double tube! Nephew's first time "Ice" Skating.
(It's not really ice ... it's some weird frictionless surface)

Taking a break in the snow piles on the "Ice" Rink

Uncle Ry, Nephew & Aunt Kel "playing hockey"

I think he had fun!
(Even if Aunt Kel did threaten to make him sit in the car while we had all the fun!!)

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