Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crash, Burn, Recover

Last Wednesday my computer finally crashed. I had anticipated it (because my computer was 5 years old), but it still was horrific.

Because I was trying to back up pretty regularly, I only lost 2 weeks of work. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy during those 2 weeks, so I lost a whole bunch of data and documents and a seminar. The seminar I was supposed to give the following day.

I spent 3 hours on the phone with Dell customer service (in a foreign country) and I hate them now and will never buy a Dell again (despite having a Dell for 10 years and actually liking the computers). Customer service is so important ... why be rude?

Anyway .. I then spent 5 hours re-making my seminar powerpoint with Ry's computer and my external hard drive. I was ready for it, but, thankfully it was cancelled due to snow. So, I have a bit more time to make it so much better.

I was pretty upset for a couple of days, but have now accepted what I lost and have moved on!

I have a new computer now. Thank goodness. RyGuy bought it for me as an early graduation gift. He is the best!! I supposed I have to graduate for sure now ....

It's a pretty Toshiba. I named it Beluga.