Sunday, November 22, 2009

InaDWriMo2009 update

I am at about 44% for my November writing goal. It is quite obvious that I won't hit 100%, but it was a pretty busy month in terms of non-work things, so I am not too upset about it!

My first chapter of my dissertation is almost done. Half of it is written, the majority of the statistics are complete, half of the figures are made, and it's shaping into a nice paper that I am thinking of sending to a decent journal. It is my goal to get a draft to my advisor in 2 weeks!

I'm also waiting on a paper from my co-author who has yet to look at it, despite the fact that I sent it to him at the very beginning of November. It's the field data from a decade ago, so I suppose he is in no real rush to get it out after 10 years. But I would like to get some things in review! Let's get going people! Before Christmas!

Those were my 2 main contributions to InaDWriMo2009. Hopefully I can get the writing really going in December and January!

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