Monday, April 20, 2009

Take me out to the ball game (part 1)

If you don't know yet, RyGuy loves baseball! He used to play and he loves going to games! (Someday, we'll make it to all of the major league stadiums!)

We started out the baseball season a bit early this year! My good friends Anna and Gorgeous were somehow able to get us $1 tickets to a "preseason" game at NEW YANKEE STADIUM!! I was very excited (being born a Yankees fan) and we got there early to check everything out! It is AWESOME!

Below are some photos we took! THANKS Anna and Gorgeous for coming to visit for the weekend and for a great time!

Here's the field!

Yum! The 297 calories were delicious! So were the 1236 calories!

One of the first to use the bathrooms at NEW Yankee Stadium!


Monument Park was awesome!
The view from our seats .... at the very top ... the farthest you can be from homeplate and still be in the Stadium!

Anna & Gorgeous! True Yankees fans!
A bit chilly! But we had fun!

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