Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buffalo = small, large city

Yes, I am a Buffalo Girl, and proud of it! Being a Buffalo Girl means many different things, all interesting, and will surely be the topic of a post in the near future.

One thing I love about being a Buffalo Girl is that everyone in the world has some sort of Buffalo Connection. Seriously. I kid you not. And this has helped me out in many (little) ways, as I have traveled through this life. The Buffalo Connection, at the very least, allows me to always be able to make good conversation.

Two examples from the last week:

~When "Rex Manning" was in town, I brought him to breakfast. In conversation about undergraduate college, I mention that I went to a small, private college in Buffalo that no one has ever heard of. He says "Wait, you're from Buffalo?" and laughs. Despite now living in a southern town, he is a huge Bills & Sabres fan (he went to Syracuse for college) and is currently dating a Buffalo Girl!! We talk for a few minutes about T.O. and how this is the year for the Bills and then I make him tell me his Buffalo Girl's name, because I swear I know someone who knows her (which I am sure I do, somehow, but I haven't figured it out yet). Later in the night, after a few drinks and a 13-hour day, he laughs again and smiles and tells me he's not surprised I am a Buffalo Girl (surely meant as a compliment). Apparently, there's just something different about us!

~ Today, I am at lunch with a super nice local scientist who will be giving this week's seminar. She is very enjoyable, easy to talk to and the lunch goes on without any awkward moments or embarassing situations (as is usual at a science-people lunch). I really enjoyed the lunch and this great woman scientist! Then, I offer her a ride in my car to the very top of the mountain. She notices the dealer sticker on my car and says "Wait, are you from Buffalo?". Well, of course, I am a Buffalo Girl! So is she! She grew up in a neighboring town, her folks live around the corner from the place Ry & I are getting married, her dad teaches at the big university, her mom teaches at a Buffalo high school (my old "rivals") and we both are positive that we definitely know someone in common (though we haven't figured it out yet! But we will!)!

The Buffalo Connection just always amuses me and makes my day! These are just this week's stories, but there are many more! I know that my friends and family who live in Buffalo and have spent their whole lives there don't always realize just how special the place is! But Buffalo is a great city and I will always be proud to tell people that I am a Buffalo Girl!

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Becky said...

I'm always surprised to run into people who went to Canisius High School or College. I must say I run into more people who know Buffalo than know Syracuse.