Monday, February 23, 2009

Good at something?

Today, regardless of whatever crap goes on at work and after work (at a STUPID forced-social event), I will have a good day!

Because today I received new photos of my awesome Nephew! And he sent me a letter too! It is written all in green marker (my favorite), with lots of green fish (all facing the same way ... they are schooling), and the following:

Dear Aunt [Sneks]
You are a very good Aunt [Sneks].
I love you.

So, even if I suck at being a grad student and a forced-social coordinator, I feel confident that I am a good Aunt [Sneks].

Which reminds me ... I need to send Nephew the perfect book I found for him ... Scuba Bunnies!

1 comment:

SLM said...

This is TOO CUTE!!!
I thought of a great book for your nephew also. It is an animal sticker book some got Katie that she is obsessed with. It has TON of real photo stickers and you match them then put them in their habitats. LEt me know if you want me to look up the name of it.