Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sNOw day!

I swear, the Little Town is going to ruin snow for me!

As a true-Buffalo girl, I really enjoy snow! Sure 100 days of snow gets to you sometimes (could it be the lack of sun and seasonal effective disorder?), but overall I really like snow! The big white fluffy flakes, the mounds of snow taller than me, brushing the powder off of my car! I love it all! Ry & I are even planning a winter wedding in Buffalo! Who does that?

Here's just a few reasons why the Little Town is killing snow for me:

  1. It snowed 3 inches (yay!), now it is raining (boo!)!
  2. The rain is quickly turning to a layer of ice over EVERYTHING!
  3. The Little Town ignores the side streets on the "bad" side of town (where I live) and thus, there has been no plow down the street I park on.
  4. The main street that I live on did finally get plowed. At 9:30am. 12 hours after the snow started.
  5. My university did not close, despite the fact that people get around this tall, tall mountain through a bus system, and despite the fact the 4 other universities within a 5 mile radius have all closed. This makes people in my department (on the very tallest part of the mountain) angry.
  6. The university did (eventually) plow the parking lot and shovel the walk to the door. They did not, however, salt anything, which is a problem (see #2 above).
  7. Half of the department dd not make it in today, for various winter storm related reasons. Normally, I would not be affected by this, but we have a job candidate here that we're courting, so I had to go "play nice" for a few hours (like I have nothing else to do).
  8. Did I mention the rain/ice?

Ok ... so only 8 that I came up with off of the top of my head.

I hope the rain stops soon and everyone salts so that I can do laundry and drive the 20 minutes to Joe's house tonight to watch LOST!!

Happy Snow Day to those of you lucky enough to take advantage of it! (RYGUY!!!!!!)

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