Friday, January 23, 2009

Merry Christmas (Part 2)

Though Christmas was weeks ago, I feel like Ry & I are just recovering from all of the fun!

The day after Christmas, we shuffled off to Buffalo to spend a week with my family and friends! In addition to the usual tiredness that comes along with a whirlwind trip home, I started off the week recovering from my sinus infection/bad cold. And then, just 30 hours into the trip home, I came down with another horrific cold! I was coughing like crazy and went through 3 boxes of my mom's tissues. Oh, and 2 bottles of mine/Kel's cold medicine. So, I spent the week in a drug-induced haze! But none the less, we managed to squeeze in some good stuff:

  • a wonderful night celebration with Anna & Gorgeous, BF Kimmy & her hubby and ADORABLE Ally!, and Feen, his super-cute son, his baby's mama and her two other really sweet kids! Yummy drinks from the awesome margaritaville blender and lots of video games and chatting! I miss everyone already!
  • a fun morning with Steph, Katie & Andrew! That Katie grows so quick!
  • a fun celebration with the family (mom, dad, lil' bro, Kel, big bro, sis-in-law & Nephew)! They were all nice enough to wait 2 full days before opening Christmas gifts so that Ry and I could celebrate with them! Such fun!
  • Ry went to a football game with Gorgeous while I shopped with mom & Kel! I LOVE after christmas deals!
  • 2 awesome trips with Nephew: the Aquarium & the Science Museum! Super fun! He is such a little grown-up now (I mean, he's 5!!! Jeez!)
  • New Year's Eve with my future husband (just 2 years now!!) and my great mom at the casino having a GREAT time!
  • Playing board games with the family -- we enjoyed the Yatzee and Mad Gab that we got for Christmas! Mad Gab is absolutely hysterical!! Kel and I almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard!!
  • Dinner at Chili's with the whole family on my lil' bro (to make up for him accidentially giving our christmas gift to my other brother!)!
  • An awesome lacrosse game! The family now all has season tickets, and they got us a few seats too!
  • And the girls and I finished off the trip with a Bridal Show, which even led to a a few wedding deals (YAY!)! Plus it was so fun to hang out with my mom, sis-in-law, Kel and Anna (we missed you Kimmy!)!

Can you believe we did all that and more? Even with our illnesses?? Crazy! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

A few photos ... I think the illness made me less likely to take a picture! Probably too busy coughing or sneezing to get the shot!

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