Saturday, October 11, 2008

Political Science

So, I won't post my political views, as I don't really love either major candidate. But I though I'd post this for you: Click Here to read the answers of Barack Obama and John McCain to the top 14 sciences questions. These questions were put together by scientists and governmental science foundations. If you're on the fence, maybe you'll be swayed be these candidates' scientific views.

Or, if you're a New York State resident like I am, your vote won't really matter anyway (damn electoral college!!)! But I did apply for my absentee ballot.

Speaking of ballots ... did you realize that there are 7 different presidential candidates on the ballot? I got my absentee ballot yesterday and was surprised to have choices. Who are these people? I think I might do some googling and see if Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clementa from the Green Party are worthy of my vote!

Of course if Tina Fey was running, she'd be my first choice.

"Because bitches get shit done"

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hamster_grrl said...

7 presidential candidates?? My PA absentee ballot only has 4 (well, 5 if you count the write in spot). Interesting...