Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Apple with my Big RyGuy

Ry & I had a wonderful weekend in NYC!

Ry moved to northern NJ about 2 months ago now, so we decided it was time to figure out how to take a train into the city! After only a few wrong ticket buys (my bad), we made it to Central Park!

We wandered around for a while and finally found the zoo! Of course we spent hours near the sea lions and seals and polar bears!

After a nice stroll around the park, we decided it was so nice and we should walk the 20-some blocks back to Penn Station! We stopped into a few stores and saw the skating rink and grabbed some NY pizza and sat on some benches to enjoy it in the middle of Broadway!

We can't wait for our next visit to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!


Becky said...

I wanted to be mad at you for not seeing me while you were in town, but we were super busy this weekend so it wouldn't have worked out anyway.. Glad you had fun!

Luke said...