Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BF Baby

Oh, I almost forgot -- now that BF Kimmy's shower is over, I can show you all the baby blankets that I knit for her baby (whom I will from now on refer to as BF Baby, as he/she is the baby of my Best Friend! And she/he does not yet have a name!!)!

Because I am just so excited about BF Baby, I knit 2 blankets! Actually, I started one before BF Baby was even conceived, but it took me this long to finish it!
The light green and white stipped blanket is made out of a giant ball of self-striping boucle yarn. I just knit on the diagonal, adding a stitch at the start of each row, and then decreasing stitch at the start of each row after I was about half way through the yarn. It was easy, but took time because it is thin yarn on small needles (size 8, I think).
The dark green one is a modified Big Bad Baby Blanket. I made it out of Wool Ease Thick n' Quick yarn on a size 13 needle, with less stitches than the pattern called for, so it wasn't too huge a blanket. I just love the pattern, which is difficult to see here, but is basically a square with a seed-stitch border around the edge and then 4 alternating blocks in the center. It's my favorite pattern to knit and this new bigger yarn makes it look very fun!

I hope BF Baby and her parents enjoy them for years to come!

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