Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stranded, with 100% chance of showers

Yes, this weekend there is a 100% chance of showers. A baby shower for BF Kimmy and a bridal shower for Anna!

Both are in Buffalo, both are this weekend and both are slightly dependent on me showing up with lots of decor and prizes and gifts.

And I am currently spending my morning at the chevy service center in the Little Town, rather than heading to WNY.

Why? Because some horribly awful person side-swipped my parked car Sunday night while I was sleeping. And not just some scratches, but a broken side-view-mirror and a horribly bent tire. I will make the drive sans-mirror (unsafe, but driveable), but it is impossible to make the long trip with only 3 wheels.

Is anything ever easy for me?

At least I'll get to enjoy this busy busy week/weekend with Ry, my family and my pregnant and engaged friends!!!

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