Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A few fall adventures

I just realized that I never told you all about my awesome weekend with my family OR the fun visit we had in NYC.

Luckily, Ry already wrote about both (click for family fun & click for NYC fun)!! So, I will just include a few pictures here from our fabulous fall fun weekends for you to enjoy!!!

Ry watching the Phillies game!

Speed Limit=50mph
(Hence the reason I moved out of Philly -- no more driving on 76!!)
Ry & I figured out how to win on the ponnies: bet for each of them to win!
********************** Ry, Talia & "James" at the Mets game!
I love Ferry rides!
I mean, the place Talia & "James" took us for dinner! YUMMY!

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