Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shuffle off to Buffalo

After my California adventure with RyGuy, I braved the airways again and flew to Buffalo to visit with family & friends (while Ry went to Alaska)! This was my longest visit since I moved away years ago and I enjoyed it!

For the 4th of July holiday, I hung out at my parents' house and we had a Sneks Family BBQ! LOTS of food, drinks and desserts (my sis-in-law makes fabulous desserts!)! We had some fireworks that my brothers enjoyed setting off (shhh! They're illegal!) and even drove down to the ghetto park to see some real fireworks.

I spent the other days of my trip buying a new car (YAY! More on that soon!), going to the wedding of two college friends (and seeing lots of wonderful friends there!!) and shopping and partying with the my favorite girlfriends (Kimmy & Anna) and their men (Billy & George). It was the first time that all of us were in Buffalo at the same time in years!

I was sad to leave Buffalo for the Little Town, but I had been away for about 6 weeks at that time and had no choice but to get back and face work! But Ry and I are looking forward to out next visit to Buffalo (aka Best Christmas EVER!)!

Yummy 4th of July drink at the Sneks' house.
Notice our attention to detail: RED strawberry daquiri, BLUE cup, WHITE whipped cream and RED & WHITE straw (ok, maybe it was a Christmas straw, but it still looked festive!)!

My adorable nephew loved the box of Snaps from his Uncle! He is too cute!

Lil' Bro watches as Big Bro tries to set the place on fire for our amusement!
Isn't my nephew the cutest thing going?
(He wore his green coat because green is both of our favorite colors!)
The fabulous wedding of Geoff & Steph (friends of mine from undergrad and a wonderful couple!)
Me & Cho! Even after years apart we are still the same!
Me & the girls!
Kimmy & I had just come from different weddings & we made Anna try on her dress for an October wedding! It seemed only fitting after we had spent an afternoon shopping for wedding dresses for Anna's July 2008 wedding!!!

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