Thursday, April 05, 2007

Palm Saturday in Bangor

Because Ry and I are heading to Buffalo in May and because we plan on being with the family for Christmas this year, we decided to spend the Easter Holiday with his family.

The festivities began with a gathering for Palm Sunday. On Saturday.

As I learned at Christmas, it is important to Ry's family to get to church early. One hour early. To get good seats. In the back.

After a very exciting mass, we headed over to The Galley to eat fish dinners. Well, the rest of the family ate fish, but Ry and I don't eat ocean creatures, so we had pasta.

We then traveled to the local bowling alley for some fun and excitement. Ry's parents spent the whole day discussing what good bowlers they were. Too bad I (a pitiful bowler) scored about 30 points more than everyone in the first game.

I also enjoyed watching the locals on the other lanes. I did spot a mullet or two. The highlight was defintely this woman. Who I think was there with her grandson.

YAY for holidays with the "in-laws"! Can't wait to see what this weekend's big holiday brings!

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